PUR Polyurethane

PUR Polyurethane

Polyurethane elastomer are rubber-like materials with high exploitation potential. Their characteristics allow for wide shaping what makes them very universal. Polyurethanes have wide range of hardness with high level of flexibility. High chemical resistance and good mechanical properties make this material replace more traditional materials like metals or ceramics or rubber.

What distinguishes poyurethane among other elastomers:

  • Tear strength and tensile strength
  • Excellent vibration damping
  • Resistant to many types of harsh environment (solvents and acids)
  • Almost perfect resistance to abrasion, higher than resistance of rubber or hard alloys

Polyurethanes are used as flexible machine components (press buffers, couplings, wheel treads, vibration-damping pads). Operational temperature of PUR is up to +80oC in the environment with pH 5-12 and resistant to: petrol, sulfuric acid, salt water, oils, grease and solvents.

The material is resistant to wear, has self-extinguishing and electroinsulation properties and hardness is between 35-98 ShA