PC Polycarbonate

PC – solid polycarbonate

This material is fully transparent and its main property is high abrasion resistance. In comparison to PMMA, PC is more resilient and 200 times more resistant to mechanical shock if compare it to glass. At the temperature from -40 to 120 C high resilience does not change.

Characteristic properties for polycarbonate are: durability and resistance to UV, high flexibility. The material has good machining properties and can be thermally formed due to which it is used in building and machine industry.

Polycarbonate can be found in brackets of access door, elements of greenhouse, transparent components of machines and devices, roofing.

PC – Multi-chamber polycarbonate (wall)

The base for panels is polycarbonate resin. Panels have many attestations and technical approvals, are secured against UV. Material does not turn yellow and does not wear fast, is resistant to atmospheric conditions – panels transmit light and can be bent cold. Mounting spaces for panels made of PC are vertical glazing in building industry, smoke dampers- flat and curved, glazing systems for conservatories, roof covering and roof skylights.