PE Polyethylene

Polyethylene is a material of high polymerisation, resistance to acids, alkalis and salts and many other chemicals and organic compounds. It has many important technical characteristics causing possibilities to use the material in machines constructing and many industries. Because of PE gliding characteristics it has also high abrasion resistance. This material is very resistant to corrosion what makes life cycle of components longer with no maintenance necessary.

Use: guides and slide profiles, chute linings, guides for chains

PE 1000 (colours: green, black, natural, yellow, red, blue, brown)

Type of polyethylene characterised with gliding properties. It is very resistant to abrasion and a low friction coefficient- it is used to produce profiles and gliding components. In direct contact with objects it does not scratch their surface. Average modular weight: 4.500.000-9.000.000 g/mol due to which the material is very resistant to wear.


  • perfect machinability
  • does not absorb moisture
  • low friction coefficient
  • low density in comparison to other structure materials
  • can have contact with food (attestations of PZH, BGVV and FDA)
  • high chemical resistance
  • very high resistance to abrasion


  • pump valves
  • slide bearings
  • filling lines components (feeder arcs, screws, screw conveyors)

PE UHMW + MoS2 (Polyethylene 1000 with MoS2 – black)

Processed basic PE 1000. Even supplying polyethylene with MoS2 lubricant makes the friction coefficient lower and the abrasion resistance higher.

PE UHMW AST (Polyethylene 1000 Antistatic – black)

Processed basic PE 1000. Antistatic material produced for high-efficient production and transport lines with PZH attestation which permits for direct contact with food.

PE UHMW BOR5 / BOR2 (Polyethylene 1000 – white)

PE 1000 filled with BOR of 2-5% of the composition. The material used in medical technique and in chemical synthesis processes.

PE UHMW R (Polyethylene 1000 Regrind – black, green)

The material is based on clear PE 1000+ additive of a regrind of re-processed PE 1000.

PE UHMW R AST (Polyethylene 1000 Antistatic regrind-black)

Processed type of a basic PE 1000 R, antistatic, for high-efficient production and transport lines with PZH attestation.

PE 500 (black, natural, red, brown, white, yellow, blue)

The type of polyethylene characterised with low abrasive resistance. This material is very popular in non-mechanical machines and devices components, tops of butchery tables and slaughtering blocks. It is easy to process what causes its wide range of uses, for example, in water. Its price is lower in comparison to PE 1000, so it is often used as PE 500 substitute.


  • good machinering
  • low friction coefficient
  • high resistance to bending
  • high chemical resistance
  • high resilience, also at low temperatures
  • easy to clean

Example use:

  • Parts for agricultural machines,
  • Components of machines with direct contact with food and in production of household appliances
  • Machine, fish, meat processing industry
  • Tops of butchery tables
  • Tops of slaughtering blocks
  • Freezer internal – door
  • Linings of cooling cabins and tunnels
  • Protection strips fixed on walls, corners
  • Machine components of low and middle load

PE HMW Confetti (Polyethylene 500 Confetti – multi-colour)

The type of PE 500 is very economical and used in cases when the material colour is not very important.

PE HMW R (Polyethylene 500 Regrind- green and black)

The type of PE 500, very economical, created on the base of clear materials and additives of re-processed plastics.

PE HMW BOR 5/BOR 2 (Polyethylene 500-natural colour)

The type of PE 500 including BOR.

PE HD (Polyethylene 300 – black, natural)

PE 300

The type of polyethylene with high chemical resistance and low mechanical resistance. It is used to fulfilling and to produce not very important construction components, used in production of linings and tank housings. Perfect to weld.