Components for building installations

Support feet

Adjustable support feet are perfect for leveling the differences of uneven surfaces. They facilitate work in structures and can, depending on the type and size of the arms of the thread, transfer loads larger than 2.000 kg.

The adjusting screw most often made with a ball joint may be manufactured of galvanised or stainless steel and is adjustable vertically within 15° from the vertical. Screws have different sizes and lengths their threads (from M10 to M24, length even up to 300 mm). Footer (cup) is made of reinforced, PA FV black polyamide. In addition, cups can be equipped with anti-slip pads, designed to provide better grip and damping of vibrations.

Our offer also includes:

  • handles
  • side bands
  • brackets
  • feet clamps
  • supports
  • tripods


We offer rotators for cans, jars and bottles. Rotators are usually devices with small dimensions mounted on conveyors. They are made of polyethylene of increased resistance to abrasion (PE500) in combination with fasteners made of stainless steel which ensures a long lifespan and reliable operation.

The rotator is used to rotate packaging by 180° or to the given inclination. It rotates mostly bottles and cans, regardless their forms and materials. It works with high efficiency at a constant inflow of products. The rotator is used especially when emptying, washing, blowing with compressed air, drying or checking the packaging.