PA Polyamide

It is a very common and popular structure material. Easy for machining, characterised by good mechanical properties and reasonable prices.


  • Good machinering
  • Very high flexibility
  • High chemical resistance to petrol, lubricants, grease, oils,
  • High mechanical resistance,
  • High stiffness, durability, hardness
  • Possibilities for damping vibrations
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Good sliding abilities


  • Tops of mate tables
  • Rollers of conveyors
  • Spacers
  • Driving and driven gears
  • Tensioner rolls
  • Parts of mechanical seals

PA6.6 (embossed polyamide – natural colour)

This is a material whose mechanical resistance, chemical resistance and heat resistance are much higher in comparison with basic PA6. Because of higher material durability the ability to damper vibrations is lower.

PA6.6 GF30 (embossed polyamide filled with glass fiber – black)

This is a material filled with in 30% of its volume. In comparison to a standard type of PA6 it is characterised by better dimensional stability, higher stiffness, higher creep strength, higher mechanical resistance.

PA6-G (cast polyamide)

This is the second most popular construction material, next to PA6. High machinability, very good mechanical properties and reasonable prices. It is often used as a material for producing heavy-duty machine components- is harder than PA6.


  • High machinability
  • High creep strength
  • High mechanical fatigue strength
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Possibilities for damping vibrations
  • Suitable resistance to thermal ageing


  • Spacers
  • Driving wheels, driven wheels, gears, chain wheels, pulleys
  • Tensioner rolls
  • Transporter rolls

PA-G + Oil (cast polyamide filled with a lubricate – green, black, blue, red, yellow)

It is used to produce movable machine components that do not need lubrication. Applicable lubricants (mineral oil or grease – colour choose) make high decreasing of the friction coefficient in comparison to the standard form of PA6. Enhanced resistance to abrasion – the material is mostly used in slide bearings, pulleys, gears and sprockets, slide linings, bearing shells, drag chains.