These conveyors are built of slat chains of popular manufacturers like, among others, Rexnord, MCC. They are used in transportation of goods with limited dimensions and mass (goods with repetitive shapes): bottles, jars, boxes, metal cans and plastic packages. They are used as buffer conveyors in many production processes- filling, capsuling, closing, sorting, labelling. The structure of this conveyor is made of powder covered acid-proof steel or aluminium (aluminium profiles).

Load-bearing structure has slide elements and plastic gears which are very resistant to mechanical shocks. Plastic elements make the whole chain structure very stable with minimal noise emission. Simple structure of the conveyor on support feet (double-feet, triple-feet, footers) provides possibilities of efficient adjusting the height and easy, fast installation.

Transported products that are high or with different diameters are safe because of fixed side guides. Slat conveyors are useful in low and high temperatures and in conditions with strong chemicals and high humidity.

Slat conveyors which application is to carry goods are made of plastics or steel. They work horizontally or leaned in single or multi-row systems. We offer hinged slat chains and multi-row chains operating in serpent systems and characterised by high durability and resistance to abrasion and high temperatures.