Slat chains are used in the construction of internal transport conveyors. They are used in plenty of industries and in particular, in the food and chemical industries where hygiene of production is extremely significant.

They work with great success in the bottling industry, where they are perfect for the transportation of cardboard, PET or glass packaging. The highest quality plastics, carburised steel and stainless steel is used for their production so that they can work in very diverse environments, providing high efficiency of production lines and most importantly high wear resistance.

Here you will find both straight-running slat and torsion chains, chains with carriers, plain or chains with rubber pads. Plastic chains are characterised by low noise level and often they are designed for transporting fragile products: cardboard packages, glass and PET bottles, cans, cosmetics packages and food.

Steel chains are used to higher velocities for the purpose of transportation of, among others, bottles and any other glass packaging and for carrying heavier loads (double-hinge chains). The offer of slat chains is complemented by our offer of extruded profiles, sliding and cornering guides (for any chain size), the drive and passive wheels that cooperate with the chains.