Modular belts (segments) operate as carriers and these belts are used in every situation demanding resistance to chemicals, grease, oils and humid. Owing to this kind of belts, hygiene at workplaces is much easier to maintain. It is very useful for the food industry where sterile operational conditions are very important.

The base for manufacturing modular belts is construction of aluminium acid-proof profiles or profiles made of black powder covered steel.

Our belts are suited individually to their applications -depending on work conditions we offer you various types of materials and belts of popular producers, like Rexnord, MCC ,Intralox.

Modular belts provide possibilities of transportation goods in packages and loose goods (boxes, packs, cans and jars, cakes and sweets, meat and poultry). Regarding wide range of offered modular belts we distinguish smooth or perforated belts which can also be equipped with longitudinal or transverse crossbars of different widths and lean angles can have rubber anti- slide coating.

This type of belts is easy to clean, dry, purge directly at the operational conveyor, its life cycle is long and is easy to repair. Due to the modular structures, the modular belts can have many different lengths and widths.