They are used in almost every industry because of their universality of application and reasonable prices.

They are especially useful in storages and sorting depots where they can be operated individually or as assembly line components. Belts used for this kind of conveyor belts are equipped with crossbars and wiper arms which allow for side or vertical transport of loose parts.

We offer belts made of:

  • polyurethane,
  • silicon,
  • PCV.

We have belts of different widths and various surface structures: smooth, anti-slip. We offer manufacturing structures of conveyor belts made of ordinary powder coated steel, aluminium or acid-proof steel. Transport belt is laid on a special steel top or made of polyethylene. Rollers are fixed to the ends of conveyor belts: passive rollers, deflecting, roller, driving roller, rubber roller.

Conveyor belts are applied to transport loads vertically or at an angle of 30˚. They are perfect solutions to move goods to different heights. Every transported product need various transport conditions – there is possibility to fix lateral guides adjusted vertically and horizontally (parallel or single steel rods, plastic glide strips and guides).